19 August 2011

Work starts on next phase of Connect2 cycle path

Only two years after being put down the surface of the Conect2 cycle path linking Pineham to the town centre is being ripped up and re-laid. The work is being incorporated with the next stage of the project which will see the paths linking Briar Hill to St James being upgraded into a cycle way.

Footpaths in the area will be closed while the construction of a triangle of cycle ways takes place. However, there will be alternatives routes during the 10 weeks that will be needed for the work.

A new bridge linking Upton Country Park to the canal tow path which was due for installation last year should now be built later this year, opening up access to the park from the West Hunsbury area.

1 comment:

  1. Madness. I run that route twice a day and the 2yr old path there is in perfect condition, why redo it?

    Hopefully this triangle of routes will include linking up the two bridges coming from the path around the lake with bridge further down which goes back over to the main cycle track into town. It's only missing about 200yds of track, but it's often used and turns into a bog during winter.

    (Link to show the missing section below)


    Good news to hear an update about the bridge for Upton though, with not sign of it being built last year I thought it had been hit by budget cuts.

    Get those two bits of the route sorted and I've got a completely road free commute to the office. Fantastic.