17 August 2011

Northampton Riverside Development

An article in today's Chronicle report a £1b investment in Northampton's Riverside that should create 17,000 jobs has been approved. This is great news, the jobs are high value and so give Northampton's youth something to aspire to. Our schools and colleges should see this as a challenge to get as many of these jobs as possible for their students.

In the detailed planning the effect on the riverside needs to be taken into account. The landscaping needs to be taken right up to the rivers edge and not separated from it as has happened round B&Q and KFC which as resulted in unkempt eyesores which nobody takes long term responsibility for.

An artists impression of the Innovation Centre shows a 5 story building, on a plot of land between St Peters Way and the river this would seem far too high, we should be opening up the view, not screening it off.

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