12 October 2011

Work progressing on Connect2 Cycle Way

Work is progressing on the latest phrase of the Northampton Connect2 cycle ways. A new bridge has been installed over the Nene to connect the Briar Hill paths to the one running beside the river behind Cosworth. Work on the foundations and kerbs for the paths between Briar Hill and St James and Duston Mill Lake is under way. On completion this will receive a tarmac surface, giving a continuous tarmac route from Brackmill, though the town by Carlsberg and out to Pineham with off shoots into St James and the southern district.

Foundations are also being constructed for a bridge over the canal and Nene linking Upton Valley Way with Upton Country Park.

1 comment:

  1. It's looking very good. There's new cycle route signs been put up all the way from Sixfields into town as well. The signs at the end of the Lake are already signposting Upton Country Park, in preparation for the new bridge. Although if you follow the signs at the moment, you'll never reach Upton.

    I hope they change the entrance to the bridge further down from the new one imaged above. It's got a double barrier entrance which is a real pig to navigate on a bike.