16 October 2011

Apple Pressing at Wilsons’ Orchard

Though I’ve lived in Northampton for over 30 years, and must have past by many times, I never knew about Wilsons’ Orchard until this week.
At Rushmills, trapped between the A45 and modern housing, the orchard dates back 100 years to days when British apples were a major crop. The orchard is named after a Mr Wilson who lived in a cottage by the site and Rev. Wilson who obtain spare apples trees from a local tree nursery man.
The site is now owned by South Court Environmental having been donated to them by Persimmon Homes. Work continues to revive the orchard which last saw commercial use at the end of the 2nd World War.

The warm sunny afternoon brought out a good crowd to view the orchard and sample the freshly squeezed apple juice.

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