17 November 2011

First Friends Form Meeting

One hundred years ago the parks of Northampton were the envy of other towns and whilst there are still a good number the quality has greatly declined. In recent years groups have grown up around town to try to improve their local spaces and while they have had some success it has been an uphill struggle against declining budgets and management changes.
To make the task a little easier in the future group representing ten of Northampton’s parks have come together to pool their resources and form a Northampton Opens Spaces Forum where they can share their ideas and problems.
Their first meeting last night, organised by Groundwork Northamptonshire and Northampton Borough Council, was attended by the support groups and addressed by both the leader of NBC and the Director of Environment and Culture. The meeting was used by groups to share their experiences with each other as well as with the Borough Council. Further informal meetings will be arranged for next year.
The Forum also aims to support the formation of groups in those parks without one at present, as well as welcoming individuals and groups with an interest in the more local parks, play areas, sports areas and green spaces.
A survey of Northampton parks is taking place, go to www.surveymonkey.com/s/79Z3NVL to take part

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