3 September 2011

Thornton Park rejuvenated

It had been quite a few years since I was last in Thornton Park and my memory of the whole was probably coloured by the dilapidated state of Kingsthorpe Hall, occupying just one small corner at the north east end, part of which was used as a community centre.
However, this is now all changed.
The Hall, a Grade II* listed building, which was damaged by fire in 2002 was still on the English Heritage ‘at risk’ register in 2009. Refurbishment of the Hall together with adjacent buildings has now taken place and a new community centre, has also been built.

The park in now well maintained with large areas of grass and many mature trees offering  good shading when needed.  Two modern play areas can be found, one near the Hall and the other at the western side of the park.

The park forms one extremity of an extensive green corridor along the Brampton Arm of the River Nene. Cross the path at the western end of Thornton Park and you will enter Kingsthorpe Meadows leading out to the north of the town and linking in with the Brampton Valley Way.

In 2009 a Friends of Thornton Park group was formed. The group has carried out extensive research into the history of the park and drew up detailed management plan for its long term maintenance.

Now with people to care for it the parks future as a place for families is assured.

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